Kai Yan

Website https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Kai_Yan19

Email kaiyan.earthscience@gmail.com

My CV can be download: Kai Yan's CV


Research Interests

Land surface BRDF modeling and albedo estimation over rugged terrain

MODIS/VIIRS LAI/FPAR operational algorithm development and products evaluation

Radiative transfer modeling of vegetation canopy

Vegetation Dynamics

 Academic Background

Surveying and Mapping

Geography Information System


Satellite Remote Sensing 

Education Experience

Nov, 2016 – Dec, 2017: Beijing Normal University, Department of Geography / 
State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science, GIS, Master-PHD 

                    Advisor: Prof. Guangjian Yan

Oct, 2014 – Oct, 2016:  Boston University, Department of Earth and Enviroment, Visiting Scholar

                    Advisor: Prof. Ranga B. Myneni

Sep, 2011 – Sep, 2014: Beijing Normal University, Department of Geography /
State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science, GIS, Master-PHD candidate

                    Advisor: Prof. Wuming Zhang and Guangjian Yan

Sep, 2007 – Jul, 2011: Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Surveying and Mapping


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2.          Yan K, Park T, Yan G, Liu Z, Yang B, Chen C, Nemani R, Knyazikhin Y, Myneni R. Evaluation of MODIS LAI/FPAR Product Collection 6. Part 2: Validation and Intercomparison [J]. Remote Sensing2016

3.          Yan K, Park T, Chen C, Xu B, Song W, Yang B, Zeng Y, Liu Z, Yan G, Knyazikhin Y, Myneni R. Generating Global Products of LAI and FPAR from NPP-VIIRS Data: Theoretical Background and Implementation [J]. Remote Sensing of Environment, 2017 

4.          Zeng Y, Li J, Liu Q, Huete A, Xu B, Yin G, Fan W, Zhao J, Yang L, Yan KA radiative transfer model for ecotones based on stochastic radiative transfer theory [J].  Remote Sensing of Environment, 2017 (under review)

5.          Chen L, Mei G, Yan K, Hao W, Fang L, Yu X. Capabilities of random forest and a two-step feature selection method for subtropical tree species mapping with the support of age classes and texture orientations [J]. Remote Sensing, 2017 (under review)

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Patent of Invention

l   Xihan Mu, Guangjian Yan, Kai Yan, Jianbo Qi, A device for remote sensing multi-angle ground measurement, No.: ZL201410001586.3.

l   Xihan Mu, Kai Yan, Jianbo Qi, Guangjian Yan, Peng Liu, An automatic and multi-angular observation system for UAV, No.: 2014102193507

l   Kai Yan, Zhao Liu, A method and a system for the route planning of multi-destination navigation, No.: CN201610054144.4.

l   Kai Yan, Guangjian Yan, et.al, A method for measuring the BRF of rugged terrain based on a sand table.


2014, Two-year scholarship from China Scholarship Council

2011, Outstanding graduates of Beijing

2010, National scholarship