Jianbo Qi

Email: qijb@mail.bnu.edu.cn

Research Interest:

3D Radiative transfer simulation (3D Radiative Transfer Model LESS)

3D forest scene reconstruction

Airborne LiDAR data filtering (CSF Ground Filtering Algorithm)


2016.10-present Joint PhD student,  Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier, France

2013.9-present Ph.D student, GIS, School of Geography, Beijing Normal Univeristy.

2008.9-2012.7 B.Sc. Geography, School of Geography, Beijing Normal University.


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 remote sensing data and image simulation framework over heterogeneous 3D scenes. Remote Sensing of Environment.

  221, 695–706. 

2. Qi, J., Xie, D., Guo, D. and Yan, G., 2017. A Large-Scale Emulation System for Realistic Three-Dimensional (3-D) Forest Simulation. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 10(11), pp.4834-4843.

3. W. Zhang, J. Qi*, P. Wan, H. Wang, D. Xie, X. Wang, and G. Yan, “An Easy-to-Use Airborne LiDAR Data Filtering Method 

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Xihan Mu, Guangjian, Yan, Kai Yan,Jianbo Qi. Ground Multi-angle Observation Device of Remote Sensing,ZL201410001586.3.

Xihan Mu, Kai Yan,Jianbo Qi, Guangjian Yan, Peng Liu, An automatic and multi-angular observation system for UAV, No.: 2014102193507

Ai zhong Ye,Jianbo Qi, Hongmei Pan,. Runoff simulation experiment system. ZL201210217322.2.

Acedemic Awards:

“Reconstruction of individual trees based on LiDAR and in situ data” Best Student Paper Award, CVRS2015 (http://cvrs2015.xmu.edu.cn/)

University Second Prize Scholarship, Beijing Normal University, 2014.