Wuming Zhang

Wuming Zhang, Associate Professor, Ph.D.Supervisor



     Wuming Zhang, Asocciate Professor, Ph.D Supervisor, School of Geography, Beijing Normal University



     Researchgate:www.researchgate.net/profile/Wuming_Zhang2      (some of my papers can be downloaded from researchgate)


Education background:

1999.9-2004.7 Department of machenical engineering, Tsinghua University. Material science and engineering. Ph.D

1994.9-1999.7 Department of machenical engineering, Tsinghua University. Machenical engineering and automation. Bachelor  


Research fields:

3D digitization

multi-sensors data fusion

remote sensing data processing and inversion

some keywords about my research interest:


3D digitizing

Photogrammetry/Computer vision

LiDAR (terrain, airborne)


Image matching

Bundle adjustment

3D reconstruction

Anything concerned with 3D digitization


Working experience:

2007.7-until now  Center for remote sensing and GIS, School of geography, Beijing Normal University. Associate professor

2009.9-2010.9  Image Sciences, Computer Sciences and Remote Sensing Laboratory, University of Strasbourg, France. Visiting scholar

2006.6-2007.6  Center for remote sensing and GIS, School of geography, Beijing Normal University. Lecture

2004.6-2006.6  Center for remote sensing and GIS, School of geography, Beijing Normal University. Postdoctor

Teaching courses:

for undergraduate:Digital Photogrammetry, 3D digitization and its applications

for graduate student:Digital Photogrammetry and its applications

for Ph.D candidate:Science of remote sensing and GIS (Co-teach)



Yan Guangjian,Zhang Wuming,Liu Yaqi,Ren Huazhong,Hu Ronghai,Zhu Zhen,Meng Xia. Automatic portable multi-angle observation instrument,2014.11,China

Liu Zhigang ,Yang Shengtian,Zhang Lixin,Zhang Wuming,Wu Jun,Liu Qiang,Li Bo,Zhang Yun,Zhou Gongqi,Mu Xiaodong. A micro multi-mode remote sensing imaging system,2012.7,China

Yan Guangjian,Zhang Wuming,Zhu Ling,Liu Yaqi,Zou Jie. Multispectral canopy imager (MCI),2011.6,China

Yan Guangjian,Wang Junfa,Liu Qiang,Su Lin,Wang Pengxin,Zhang Wuming,Liu Junming,Xiao Zhiqiang. Airborne multi-angle imager and altimetry technique,2011.2,China

Yan Guangjian,Zhang Wuming,Zhu Ling,Liu Yaqi,Chen Ling,Ren Huazhong,Wang Haoxing. Portable multi-angle observation system,2010.11,China

Zhong Yuexian,Li Renju,Zhang Wuming,Ma Yangbiao,Yuan Chaolong,Ye Chengwei. Method aBeijing Normal University: Chinand system of measuring object's 3D surface profile,2005.5,China

Software copyright registrations

2015SR075591 30103-7500 ,Software of 3D terrain generation based on stereo pairs of lunar rover, V1.0 , ; Beijing Normal University: China, 2015-05-06

2012SR083071 30103-7500 ,Software of lunar surface specifice objects 3D reconstruction using Chang'e-1 images and laser altimeter data, V1.0 , ; National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences : China, 2012-09-04


Winning prize of competition for laser scanning data processing in the third China LiDAR symoposium(Proposed a novel filtering algorithm which can seperate LiDAR point cloud into ground and non-ground points using several easy-to-set prarmeters),2015

One winner of the first selections of ten high quality graduate student courses of Beijing Normal University,2013

Third prize of the thirteenth basic teaching skills contest for young teachers of Beijing Normal University,2012

Sencond prize of the first multi-media aided teaching software contest of Beijing Normal University,2008

One of outstanding winners of the seventh "The Challenge Cup" National University Student Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Work Competition held in September, 2001