Wuming Zhang, Asocciate Professor, Ph.D Supervisor, School of Geography, Beijing Normal University
      Researchgate£º      (some of my papers can be downloaded from researchgate)
education background:

  • 1999.9-2004.7 Department of machenical engineering, Tsinghua University. Material science and engineering. Ph.D

  • 1994.9-1999.7 Department of machenical engineering, Tsinghua University. Machenical engineering and automation. Bachelor
research fields£º

  • 3D digitization

  • multi-sensors data fusion

  • remote sensing data processing and inversion

  • some keywords about my research interest£º

    3D digitizing
    Photogrammetry/Computer vision
    LiDAR (terrain, airborne)
    Image matching
    Bundle adjustment
    3D reconstruction
    Anything concerned with 3D digitization
working experience:

  • 2007.7-until now  Center for remote sensing and GIS, School of geography, Beijing Normal University. Associate professor

  • 2009.9-2010.9  Image Sciences, Computer Sciences and Remote Sensing Laboratory, University of Strasbourg, France. Visiting scholar

  • 2006.6-2007.6  Center for remote sensing and GIS, School of geography, Beijing Normal University. Lecture

  • 2004.6-2006.6  Center for remote sensing and GIS, School of geography, Beijing Normal University. Postdoctor
teaching courses:

  • for undergraduate:Digital Photogrammetry, 3D digitization and its applications

  • for graduate student:Digital Photogrammetry and its applications

  • for Ph.D candidate:Science of remote sensing and GIS (Co-teach)
awards and patents£º


  • Yan Guangjian£¬Zhang Wuming£¬Liu Yaqi£¬Ren Huazhong£¬Hu Ronghai£¬Zhu Zhen£¬Meng Xia. Automatic portable multi-angle observation instrument£¬2014.11£¬China
  • Liu Zhigang £¬Yang Shengtian£¬Zhang Lixin£¬Zhang Wuming£¬Wu Jun£¬Liu Qiang£¬Li Bo£¬Zhang Yun£¬Zhou Gongqi£¬Mu Xiaodong. A micro multi-mode remote sensing imaging system£¬2012.7£¬China
  • Yan Guangjian£¬Zhang Wuming£¬Zhu Ling£¬Liu Yaqi£¬Zou Jie. Multispectral canopy imager (MCI)£¬2011.6£¬China
  • Yan Guangjian£¬Wang Junfa£¬Liu Qiang£¬Su Lin£¬Wang Pengxin£¬Zhang Wuming£¬Liu Junming£¬Xiao Zhiqiang. Airborne multi-angle imager and altimetry technique£¬2011.2£¬China
  • Yan Guangjian£¬Zhang Wuming£¬Zhu Ling£¬Liu Yaqi£¬Chen Ling£¬Ren Huazhong£¬Wang Haoxing. Portable multi-angle observation system£¬2010.11£¬China
  • Zhong Yuexian£¬Li Renju£¬Zhang Wuming£¬Ma Yangbiao£¬Yuan Chaolong£¬Ye Chengwei. Method aBeijing Normal University: Chinand system of measuring object's 3D surface profile£¬2005.5£¬China

  • software copyright registrations

  • 2015SR075591 30103-7500 £¬Software of 3D terrain generation based on stereo pairs of lunar rover£¬ V1.0 £¬ ; Beijing Normal University: China£¬ 2015-05-06
  • 2012SR083071 30103-7500 £¬Software of lunar surface specifice objects 3D reconstruction using Chang'e-1 images and laser altimeter data£¬ V1.0 £¬ ; National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences : China£¬ 2012-09-04

  • awards

  • Winning prize of competition for laser scanning data processing in the third China LiDAR symoposium£¨Proposed a novel filtering algorithm which can seperate LiDAR point cloud into ground and non-ground points using several easy-to-set prarmeters£©£¬2015
  • One winner of the first selections of ten high quality graduate student courses of Beijing Normal University£¬2013
  • Third prize of the thirteenth basic teaching skills contest for young teachers of Beijing Normal University£¬2012
  • Sencond prize of the first multi-media aided teaching software contest of Beijing Normal University£¬2008
  • One of outstanding winners of the seventh "The Challenge Cup" National University Student Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Work Competition held in September, 2001